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Funding for Fascism Scholars at Uppsala University

We are glad to announce that NORFAS, as part of a multi-disciplinary consortium, has received funding to establish a network and a hub, SWEFAS, for fascism studies at the Uppsala University. The funding source is CIRCUS, the Centre for Integrated Research on Culture and Society. Read more…

Online PhD Colloquium on Fascism and Far Right Studies

The NORFAS online colloquium provides a platform for PhD students working on the topic of fascism and the far right in the Nordic countries to share their research, discuss their projects and findings, and receive feedback from peers and NORFAS senior scholars. It also provides a forum to establish contact with other scholars in the field. Read more…

NORFAS Anthology on Nordic Fascism: Fragments of an Entangled History

The Network for Nordic Fascism Studies published the peer-reviewed joint volume Nordic Fascism: Fragments of an Entangled History in the series Routledge Studies in Fascism and the Far Right. Our book outlines the evolution of transnational cooperation between the far right across the Nordic region, through interdependent processes and interactions. With chapters ranging from the inception of fascism in the interwar years to the present day, this book offers the first glimpses into the entangled history of Nordic fascism. Read more… 

The Network for Nordic Fascism Studies (NORFAS) was established in early 2018 by researchers from Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. NORFAS consists of senior scholars, doing transnational and entangled research on the history of fascism and the far right in the Nordic countries. The aim is to allow researchers to collect, organise, compare, and together analyse the accumulating source material. To facilitate research cooperation across national borders, NORFAS organises regular meetings, workshops, joint conference participation, and joint publications by its members.  

NORFAS is led and coordinated by a steering committee, headed by Nicola Karcher (Norway) and Oula Silvennoinen (Finland), with Lars M. Andersson (Sweden), Sofie Lene Bak and Claus Bundgård Christensen (Denmark) as steering committee members. New members to the network are invited by joint agreement of the steering committee and must have produced comprehensive research in the field of Nordic fascism studies.


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