NORFAS is a multidisciplinary research network of scholars exploring the entangled dynamics of various forms of Nordic fascism and radical nationalism in the Nordic countries.

Fascism is used as an analytical concept naming revolutionary varieties of radical nationalism. To understand fascism, NORFAS scholars therefore also study the broader political landscape of radical nationalism.

Aim of NORFAS is to facilitate and promote sound critical research on fascism and radical nationalism in the Nordic countries and disseminate the findings to other scholars and the wider society.

NORFAS activities include organizing seminars, workshops, symposia, and conferences to stimulate the developments of methods and theories to produce empirical knowledge on fascism and radical nationalism in the Nordic countries. NORFAS provides a platform to produce joint publications and research projects and programs. Its body of scholars support each other by sharing research findings, provide constructive criticism on their works in progress, including publications and research proposals. NORFAS also aim to engage in dialogue and cooperation with relevant research environments and scholars internationally, produce scholarly and popular scientific publications and disseminate their research findings on other media platforms.

NORFAS is coordinated by a steering committee consisting of scholars based in the Nordic countries. Head of the steering committee is Heléne Lööw, coordinators of both the steering committee and the network are Nicola Karcher and Oula Silvennoinen.