NORFAS is a research network of historians, established in early 2018 on the initiative of Mattias Gardell, exploring the entangled dynamics of various forms of Nordic fascism and radical nationalism in the Nordic countries.

NORFAS scholars all work from an understanding that to capture the interdependencies of fascism and far right across the Nordic region, we need to abandon methodological nationalism in favour of transnational and entangled approaches to supranational phenomena.

NORFAS’ aim is to facilitate and promote sound critical research on fascism and the far right, and disseminate the findings to other scholars and the wider society. The NORFAS members support each other by sharing sources and insights, and by providing constructive criticism on works in progress, including publications and research proposals.

NORFAS activities include organising seminars, workshops, symposia and conferences to stimulate theoretical and methodological development in order to produce empirical knowledge on fascism and far right in the Nordic countries. NORFAS provides a platform for joint publications as well as research projects and programs. We also aim to engage in dialogue and cooperation with relevant research environments and scholars internationally, and to disseminate our research findings in other media platforms.

NORFAS is coordinated by a steering committee consisting of scholars based in the Nordic countries. The steering committee is headed by Oula Silvennoinen and Nicola Karcher, with Lars M. Andersson, Sofie Lene Bak and Claus BundgÄrd Christensen as members.