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Daniel Sallamaa

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PhD Candidate

Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Helsinki, Finland




Daniel Sallamaa is PhD candidate of political history with expertise in the study of terrorism, political violence, and extremist movements. He holds an M.Soc.Sci. in political history with excellent grades from the University of Helsinki and an MA with first-class honours in international relations and history from the University of St. Andrews. Sallamaa is currently finalising his doctoral dissertation on the action repertoires and use of violence of extraparliamentary fascist groups in 21st century Finland, which will bring considerable new knowledge into the field. He has previously published on political violence in early 20th century Finland, Finnish public discussion on acts of ideologically-motivated violence at the turn of the millennium, and terrorism and political violence in the Nordic countries. Sallamaa is also an expert on post-Cold War fascism in Finland and one of the few scholars to have researched the field. He has published a study that covers extraparliamentary fascist and radical nationalist groups, white power music, and racist countermedia in 21st century Finland, while also co-authoring a report on contemporary extremist narratives including fascist ones in the Finnish-language social media.  He has furthermore been co-editor of the special issue on terrorism and political violence in the Nordic countries in Terrorism and Political Violence.

Research interests

  • Terrorism and political violence
  • Extremist movements
  • Fascism and the far right
  • Extremist subcultures
  • Public debate on terrorism and political violence

Featured publications

Malkki, Leena, and Daniel Sallamaa. 2019. “Poliittinen väkivalta murrosajan Euroopassa” [Political violence in a changing Europe]. In Euroopan villit kortit ja mustat joutsenet, by Juhana Aunesluoma and Suvi Kansikas (eds.), 37–43. Publications of the Finnish Parliament’s Committee for the Future 6/2018.
Sallamaa, Daniel. 2018. “Ulkoparlamentaarinen äärioikeistoliikehdintä ja maahanmuuttovastaisuus 2010-luvun Suomessa [The Extraparliamentary Far Right and Opponents of Immigration in 21st Century Finland].” Publications of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Helsinki 97.
Malkki, Leena, and Daniel Sallamaa. 2018. “To Call or Not to Call It Terrorism: Public Debate on Ideologically-motivated Acts of Violence in Finland, 1991–2015.” Terrorism and Political Violence 30 (5): 862–881.
Malkki, Leena, Mats Fridlund and Daniel Sallamaa. 2018. “Terrorism and Political Violence in the Nordic Countries.” Terrorism and Political Violence 30 (5): 761–771.
Fridlund, Mats, and Daniel Sallamaa. 2016. “Radikale Mittel, gemäßigte Ziele: Repression und Widerstand im Großfürstentum Finnland.”Osteuropa 66 (4): 35-48.