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Celestine S. Kunkeler

Postdoctoral Fellow

Centre for Research on Extremism, University of Oslo, Norway 


Nathaniël Kunkeler – C-REX – Center for Research on Extremism ( 


Celestine S. Kunkeler is a postdoctoral fellow at the Centre for Research on Extremism (C-REX), at the University of Oslo. Their current research project concerns violent transnational far-right networks in the Netherlands and the Nordic countries, and the particular role of military and paramilitary volunteers in interwar north-western Europe. Their PhD thesis was on myth-making practices and respectability in Swedish and Dutch fascism in the 1930s, published in 2021 as a monograph, Making Fascism in Sweden and the Netherlands: Myth-Creation and Respectability, 1931–40. They have published articles on various aspects of the Swedish and Dutch far right, including political culture, discourses, transnationalism, organisation, and military volunteers. 

Research interests 

  • Political culture 
  • Transnational networks 
  • Fascism 
  • Military and paramilitary volunteers 
  • Anti-Bolshevism & counter-revolution 

Featured publications 

Kunkeler, Nathaniël. 2023. “The Swedish Brigade: From National Romantic Heroes to European Counter-Revolutionaries?” European History Quarterly, 53 (1): 88–114. 
Kunkeler, Nathaniël. 2022. “A Dietsland Empire? The International and Transnational Dimensions of Dutch Fascism and the NSB, 1922-42.” Locus: Revista de História, 28 (2): 124–45. 
Kunkeler, Nathaniël, and Martin Kristoffer Hamre. 2022. “Conceptions and Practices of International Fascism in Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands, 1930-40.” Journal of Contemporary History: 1–23.  
Kunkeler, Nathaniël. 2021. Making Fascism in Sweden and the Netherlands: Myth-Creation and Respectability, 1931-40. London: Bloomsbury Academic.  
Kunkeler, Nathaniël. 2021. “Organising National Socialism: Nazi Organisation in Sweden and the Netherlands, 1931-1939.” Contemporary European History, 30 (3): 351–65. 
Kunkeler, Nathaniël. 2019. “Sven Olov Lindholm and the Literary Inspirations of Swedish Fascism.” Scandinavian Journal of History, 44 (1): 77–102. 
Kunkeler, Nathaniël. 2018. “Narratives of Decline in the Dutch National Socialist Movement, 1931-1945.” The Historical Journal, 61 (1): 205–25. 
Kunkeler, Nathaniël. 2016. “The Evolution of Swedish Fascism: Self-Identification and Ideology in Interwar Sweden.” Patterns of Prejudice, 50 (4)–5: 378–97.