Dr. Oula Silvennoinen

Oula Silvennoinen

Docent and Academy Research Fellow

Department of Philosophy, History and Art Studies
University of Helsinki, Finland




Oula Silvennoinen is a historian currently working at the University of Helsinki as an Academy Research Fellow. He earned his doctorate in 2008 with a study into Finnish-German security police co-operation during 1933-1944. Since then, Silvennoinen has published on the fields of Holocaust and genocide studies, as well as the history of fascist and far-right movements, and written a number of non-fiction titles and biographies.

Research interests

  • Holocaust and genocide studies
  • History of fascist and far-right movements
  • History of policing and police institutions
  • Biography and history

Featured publications

  • Silvennoinen, Oula. 2018. “Demokratins framgångshistoria? Skogsindustrin, arbetsmarknaden och en fascistisk samhällssyn 1918-1940.” In Meinander, Henrik, Petri Karonen, and Kjell Östberg, eds., Demokratins drivkrafter. Kontext och särdrag in Finlands och Sveriges demokratier 1890-2020. Helsinki and Stockholm: SLS/Appell.
  • Roselius, Aapo, Oula Silvennoinen, and Marko Tikka. 2018. Svart gryning. Fascismen i Finland, 1918-44. Stockholm: Lind & Co.
  • Silvennoinen, Oula. 2015. “Home, Religion, Fatherland. Movements of the Radical Right in Finland.” Fascism: Journal of Comparative Fascist Studies 4.
  • Silvennoinen, Oula. 2012. “Beyond ‘Those Eight’: Deportations of Jews from Finland 1941-1942.” In H. Worthen and S. Muir, eds., Finland’s Holocaust: Silences of History. Houndmills: Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Silvennoinen, Oula. 2010. Geheime Waffenbrüderschaft. Die sicherheitspolizeiliche Zusammenarbeit zwischen Finnland und Deutschland 1933-1944. Darmstadt: WBG.