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Carlsberg Grant for Project on Gender in Far-Right Politics

We are happy to announce, that NORFAS-member Charlie Krautwald has been awarded a Carlsberg Foundation Reintegration Fellowship grant for his postdoctoral research project, Street-fighting Women: Gender, Body, and Violence on the Far Right in interwar Scandinavia. The project aims at producing a comparative analysis of interactions between gender, body, and political violence in far-right politics in Scandinavia, specifically the political activism of the major conservative youth leagues in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway during the Interwar years (1919-1939): Konservativ Ungdom, Sveriges Nationella Ungdomsförbund, and Fedrelandslagets Ungdomsfylking. These organisations all experienced a political activisation and radicalisation inspired by fascism.

Building on extensive empirical analysis of a diverse array of archival, printed, and visual sources from libraries and archives in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden the project offers an internationally rare perspective on the intersection between gender, body and violence in interwar street politics.

Analysing gender within Interwar radical conservative movements brings the collision between conformity to traditional gender roles and the advent of modern feminist emancipation, of youth as a force of politics, and of fascism as a dynamic revolt on the right into the analytical equation. This project thus holds not only a unique case but the potential of expanding our general understanding of how gender is negotiated and performed politically in times of cultural transformation.

The project will be based at the Saxo-Institute at the University of Copenhagen and will commence in July 2024.

The project is funded by