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Funding for Project on Antisemitism in the Pentecostal Movement

We are delighted to announce that NORFAS-researchers Markus Lundström and Tomas Poletti Lundström received funding from The Swedish Research Council for a 3 year-project, titled The Free Church and the Holocaust: On the Swedish Pentecostal Movement’s Relation to Antisemitism in 1930–1974.

The purpose of the study is to produce new and critical knowledge on the relation between Pentecostalism and antisemitism in Sweden. The era of Swedish Pentecostalism that commenced with the inauguration of the remarkable Filadelfia church in Stockholm, where the renowned Pentecostal leader Lewi Pethrus served as pastor and later as a prominent member and ended with Pethrus’ passing thirty-four years later. The study will offer new and critical knowledge about antisemitism in one of Sweden’s key social movements.