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Research Grant for Project on Post-1945 Antisemitism

We are pleased to announce that NORFAS steering committee member Sofie Lene Bak has received a research grant of 6,19 million DKK from the Independent Research Fund Denmark for a groundbreaking four-year project titled Code and Conspiracy. Antisemitism in Denmark After 1945. The project will be based at the Saxo Institute of the University of Copenhagen from 2024 to 2028 and NORFAS member Charlie Krautwald will be part of the project as a postdoctoral researcher.

Through studies of public media debates, conspiracy theories, and Holocaust denial in extremist political groups, as well as the subtle and coded forms of antisemitism on social media, the project aims to generate crucial knowledge about the forms of antisemitism in modern society. Additionally, by combining insights from research in both antisemitism and conspiracy theories, the project will develop a conceptual framework and a specific investigative method that can be used to decode antisemitic content.