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Charlie Krautwald

Postdoctoral Researcher

Saxo Institute, University of Copenhagen, Denmark 




Charlie Krautwald is a postdoctoral researcher in modern political and cultural history at the Saxo Institute, at the University of Copenhagen. He is currently employed on two research projects, Street-fighting Women. Gender, body, and violence on the Far Right in Interwar Scandinavia, funded by the Carlsberg Foundation (2024-2026), and Code and Conspiracy. Antisemitism in Denmark After 1945 (2024-2028). Krautwald has contributed to the development of a Nordic research field on Interwar Period (1919-1939) political culture, street politics, and activism with ground-breaking work on the dynamics of militant anti-fascist and far-right activism. The key findings of his thesis (2021) were the documentation of the integral role posed by different conceptions of public urban space in 1930’s political culture and the uncovering of the interplay between street politics and the parliamentarian ambitions of e.g., far-right youth movements. Krautwald’s research interests also include the history of fascism and the contemporary Far Right, on which he frequently contributes with expert insights in the media. He was employed as a researcher at the Department of Gender Studies at Lund University, Sweden (2022-2023) and has been teaching history courses at the University of Copenhagen since 2020.

Research interests 

  • Interwar political culture 
  • Fascism
  • Far-right movements, ideology, and networks
  • Anti-fascism
  • Gender history

Featured publications 

Krautwald, Charlie. & Johan. A. Lundin. 2023. “Ett av de bästa medlen i vår propaganda. Cykeln i svensk och dansk politisk kultur under mellankrigstiden.” Scandia – Tidskrift för historisk forskning, 89 (2): 230-250.
Krautwald, Charlie. 2021. Kampen om gaderne. Gadepolitik og rumlige krav i 1930’ernes politiske kultur. Kristiansand: University of Agder.
Krautwald, Charlie. 2020. Kampklar! Venstrefløjen og den militante antifascisme i Danmark 1930-39. Odense: University of Southern Denmark Press.
Krautwald, Charlie. 2019. “Three arrows against the swastika. Militant social democracy and the radical opposition to fascism in Denmark 1932-34.” In Kasper Braskén, Nigel Copsey & Johan A. Lundin, eds., Anti-Fascism in the Nordic Countries. New Perspectives, Comparisons and Transnational Connections. London: Routledge.
Krautwald, Charlie. 2018. “Fascismen marcherer. Kontinuitet og tradition i fascismens brug af gaderne som politisk arena.” In Bjørg Seland, ed., Opprør og opposisjon under enevelde og demokrati. Oslo: Cappelen Damm Akademisk.