Nordic Fascism: Fragments of an Entangled History by NORFAS

Cover of the newly published book

The Network for Nordic Fascism Studies recently published the peer-reviewed joint volume Nordic Fascism: Fragments of an Entangled History in the series Routledge Studies in Fascism and the Far Right. Our book outlines the evolution of transnational cooperation between the far right across the Nordic region, through interdependent processes and interactions. With chapters ranging from the inception of fascism in the interwar years to the present day, this book offers the first glimpses into the entangled history of Nordic fascism.

The book explores the special position of the concepts of the North and the Nordic in fascist imagination and practice, articulating ideas about the Nordic people resisting supposed cultural degeneration, replacement, or annihilation of the white race. The chapters of Nordic Fascism offer an initial map of the exchanges between fascist organisations in the Nordic countries and outline past and present attempts at Nordic fascist networking . Our book was launched in February 2023 at the Norwegian Center for Holocaust and Minority Studies in Oslo.